we are putting in place an unbeatable, innovative high end training app (help farmers). This app is aimed at training farmers on good agriculture practices, good environment and social practices at all levels of cocoa production. The app will also be used to collect data on farmers and procedures group to serve as periodic market.Well, our aim is giving to improve the quality and quantity of cocoa produced in Cameroon to give the maximum exposure in the global market. We have put in place a cutting edge system that aims at reducing the following risk but not limited to internet fraud such as

  • Data and identity theft,
  • Imposter and unscrupulous middlemen.

It is no secret Cameroon is a power house, producing over 20% of cocoa that is mainly needed for the production of consumable products worldwide.

Also we have found that the one stop shop system will bring together all the stakeholders of the cocoa chain production. Pesticide producers, fertilizers producers, financial institutions and exporters of cocoa.

  • Reliance and business performance.
  • Investors relationship
  • Credit evaluation
  • Client –producer relationship
  • Public investors relationship
  • Strategic business planning.

We promise you concise and timely business in-depth analysis, solutions and project management structure and cycle to make all your business goals achievable.This consist of;

  • Training
  • Solutions
  • Analysis


Unlike other cocoa market place who simply provide just the market place and stay free of all other obligations, we are centralized, one stop shop for cocoa, production and marketing system managed with high end security to protect our client from risk. We do all sales on behalf of our producers, and manufactures and end supplies and carry all inventories.

HEFARCAM has a contractual agreement and a memorandum of understanding with producers, to train, market and sell on their behalf. This will reduces the cost of production that would thereby minimize the cost of production and therefore maximize profit for producers and investors.