About hefarcam

Meet the Coocoa AgriTech Innovators

Help Farmers Cameroon is an agritech web & mobile application which bring together all stakeholders of the cocoa sector in one market introducing modern commercial agriculture and innovative technology to create more value for cocoa farmers.

Improving output

We cater for cocoa farmers, suppliers of agricultural tools, buyers and manufactures who want to do business in Cameroon and or invest in the cocoa sector in Cameroon. We are your partners, proxy and office in Cameroon. With us you do business with ease it has never been this easy.

Mode of Operations

Ensuring verified supplies of Agrcultural tools

HEFARCAM connects verified supplies of Agrcultural tools with cocoa farmers leading to reduction in input prices for farmers

linking interested investors

We link farm sponsors in the cocoa sector with cocoa farmers looking for investments

Intermediates of agric professionals and cocoa farmers

At Help Farmers Cameroon, we  link experienced and qualified agric professionals or technicians with cocoa farmers on our network

Improving Farming Skills through Training

Help Farmers Cameroon serve as a cocoa farmer’s companion by providing them with correct information, techniques, and efficiencies  for pre-harvest applications and post-harvest use cases.

Connecting business men/women to farmers

Help Farmers Cameroon links  companies in need of cocoa products with farmers thereby reducing wastage in the distribution system

We provide strategic business planning services to our clients